Monday, June 28, 2010

Bin Laden Found: Bin Laden Found!

Bin Laden Found: Bin Laden Found!: "Ok its been almost 9 years since we started hunting Bin Laden and you expect me to believe that the US Government and its 27 different intel..."

Bin Laden Found!

Ok its been almost 9 years since we started hunting Bin Laden and you expect me to believe that the US Government and its 27 different intelligence agencies employing thousands of the finest trained intelligencia in the world cant find one man? Or do they know where he is and have an agreement with him that he wont attack the US on US soil in return we dont kill him and his entire family? Which do you find more plausible? Since he was armed and trained by us to fight the Russians we have an LTR with him already. I read today about the billions of US Dollars being flown out of Afghanistan. They literally have stacks of cash on pallets being loaded onto planes with forklifts to send to foreign contries to be deposited in banks where they can retire with mansions, yaughts and young women for the rest of their lives. That money comes from the US Government and NATO. Tens of billions of dollars being flown out of a country whoes entire GDP is 13 billion per annum. I cant be the only person on earth who sees this. Tell me I am not dreaming??? All governments are corrupt. Democracy a real democratic government like ours is the best way to run a government. There is still corruption as where you have humans you will have corruption, but its the lowest level of corruption anywhere. Afghanistan is one of the worst currupt governments on earth. President Karzia own brother is a major drug dealer using the military to move drugs and cash. The US needs to remove Karzia and replace him with someone willing to transform the country away from narco terrorism and toward a more agragrian nation, maintain control over the Taliban and focus on infrastructure. Schools, roads, hospitals, clean drinking water, equal rights for woman. Give the country and its citizens the opportunity to grow and flourish. Its a major crime of history and a major crime against humanity to sit back and do nothing. There is a real opportunity to make huge gains there now. Get rid of Karzia, destroy all the poppy fields and give the people a real chance for life. There will be a need for the US to increase aid to detox centers nationwide as our herion addicts go through withdrawal but in the end sobriety is a better course for a life then addiction. Before I forget I need to remind you that this blog is being brought to you by Jay Servidio founder and CEO of Teleteria, the worlds largest provider of custom adult turnkey web cam sites.